WorldAPP Releases New Web Integration for Salesforce Users

Press Release

Braintree, MA – June 11, 2016 – WorldAPP

WorldAPP releases new web integration for Salesforce users

WorldAPP, leading provider of mobile forms and surveys, recently released the latest in their plugin library: the RESTful API plugin. The plugin was created for companies to use the WorldAPP products, and Key Survey, to connect and integrate with other platforms, including the popular CRM tool Salesforce.

Representational state transfer (REST) is the structural style the World Wide Web follows. A RESTful system uses HTTP, the rules for transferring files on the Web, to view, edit, create, and delete data. This new plugin will allow WorldAPP customers to create tasks in and Key Survey, and have those tasks sent to their accounts in Salesforce and other web applications.

“[One of our customers] is already using this plugin to create custom task objects in Salesforce using an API endpoint they've developed in Salesforce,” said Alexander Zagvazdin, CTO at WorldAPP, “I can very easily see other big clients who use Salesforce benefiting from this kind of integration.”

RESTful integration makes it possible to combine the dynamic task management of WorldAPP’s products with the platforms clients conduct the bulk of their business on. This integration will help establish organized task management systems for large organizations connected to other web applications, and make it easier for WorldAPP clients to scale their task assignment procedures.