WorldAPP Brings NFC Integration to Mobile Forms and Surveys

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Boston, BA – October 10, 2016 – WorldAPP

  • WorldAPP Brings NFC Integration to Mobile Forms and Surveys
    Fixing your phone with your phone — NFC forms to the rescue

    Episode 3

    October 10, 2016

    2:25 min

WorldAPP, leading provider of mobile data collection solutions, recently unveiled NFC integration for its products, and Key Survey. Near field communication (NFC) enables Android devices to communicate with small electronic tags simply by holding them close together. For WorldAPP’s technology, NFC can provide organizations with a means to quickly open apps and links, or automatically import data to their forms and surveys by tapping a compatible smartphone to an NFC tag.

The company highlighted the technology in a recent video blog update, demonstrating one of its many possible practical applications. Using an NFC tag attached to a desk phone, the technology enables a user to pass their phone over the tag and instantly open a link to a troubleshooting form. The user can fill out the form and submit it, creating a ticket for the issue and sending it to their IT department. The whole transaction takes about a minute, reducing what might have been a lengthy and complicated process to a few simple actions.

Because NFC tags are small, inexpensive, and powered by proximity to a smartphone, they’re becoming popular in advertising and at mobile payment terminals. In the mobile data collection field, NFC can enable businesses to rapidly communicate information and collect data in new and innovative ways.