Customer Satisfaction Survey Reveals WorldAPP’s High Business Value

Press Release

Braintree, MA – June 12, 2016 – WorldAPP

Customer Satisfaction Survey Reveals WorldAPP’s High Business Value

A recent analysis of WorldAPP’s yearly customer satisfaction survey revealed that customers are successfully achieving their business process goals thanks to the company’s products. WorldAPP, global provider of data collection and management solutions, relies on client feedback to continuously improve its customer-focused services, and is excited to see such positive results from its most recent survey.

Overall, clients gave the company strong scores in customer experiences product value. 92% of clients described the business value they are achieving with WorldAPP as the same or higher than the value they anticipated, and 47% said they were extremely likely (a 9 or 10 on the scale) to recommend WorldAPP to others.

The company’s customer-facing employees also received recognition for their fast, friendly, helpful service. At 59%, support/service was the most popular answer to what customers like about WorldAPP, and 88% rated their day-to-day support experience as ‘good’ or ‘very good.’

WorldAPP values positive customer feedback, as well as the constructive comments clients have to contribute. The company found that clients rated the Key Survey onboarding experience relatively lower than their other experiences with WorldAPP, with an average score of 3.9 out of 5 compared to 4+ ratings in all other categories. Clients also requested features and functionality that would improve their customer experience.

Based on this feedback, WorldAPP plans to identify areas for improvement with regard to its Key Survey onboarding procedures. WorldAPP developers also plan to incorporate the most requested functionality into their technology roadmap, and will continue to improve upon existing features in upcoming software updates.

WorldAPP is committed to helping great companies run better, and employees in all departments are delighted to receive customer feedback indicating how successful that help has been.