Our Approach

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Our Approach

Every company struggles with the manual work it takes to fill in the gaps left between separate software systems. When looking to make improvements, IT, Procurement, and Business Users have to battle through the familiar "Build vs. Buy" debate.

Building provides the perfect "fit" without compromising functionality, user experience, or integration.

However, the risk/reward is very high: the burden of scoping, development, change management, and future-proofing all rests on your shoulders.

Buying is a great way to ensure that this burden is shouldered by others, but point solutions are notoriously inflexible. In a one-size-fits-all solution, sometimes the best you can hope for is a "suggestion box" for a much needed feature.

Our Software Platform

It all starts with the Platform. Key Survey and Form.com already have the data collection, forms automation, and task management functionality needed to replace your company's existing manual processes. Built for flexibility and interoperability, the Platform can be configured to play well with your other systems and perfectly match your unique requirements.

Our Expert Team

Our experts roll their sleeves up and work alongside your team to fully understand your process and all its connected systems, departments, and workflows. We understand how to architect, configure, and deploy large-scale, mission critical apps to the Enterprise.

Total Solution

From the smallest user experience adjustment to a custom BI Dashboard to visualize critical concepts, WorldAPP will provide a complete solution that brings the speed, accuracy, and accountability that paper and spreadsheets can't.

Our Approach